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Sideboard ideas and inspiration

Welcome to our gallery with sideboard ideas. Get inspired and discover the unique sideboards and cabinets you can create with our products in combination with Ikeas Bestå frame. With our cabinet doors, bestå top panels and bestå end panels, the possibilities for creating a timeless and personal sideboard are practically endless. Add cabinet handles and Bestå legs for those extra details that can elevate an entire piece of furniture. We hope to inspire you to create your own personal sideboard with our Ikea Bestå ideas!

Door BLOCKS Aerugo Green

Handle REFLECTION Copper

Shallower sideboards – perfect for the hallway or your Apple TV!

Doors 30x64-2 ILLUSION Infinity Blue / Top panel Infinity Blue 60x20 / End panels Infinity Blue 64x20 / Handles WIRE Black / Legs SLENDER HIGH Black / Ikea cabinet frame BESTÅ 60x20x64 is not included.


Doors 60x64 PARALLELS Super White / Top panel CARRARA 120x20 / End panels Super White 64x20 / Handles LOOP Natural-Brass / Legs SLENDER LOW White / Ikea cabinet frames BESTÅ 2 x 60x20x64 are not included.


Doors 30x128-2 NO PATTERN Cloudy Grey / Top panel Cloudy Grey 60x20 / End panels Cloudy Grey 128x20 / Handles PLUTO Copper / Legs BALANCE Copper / Ikea cabinet frames BESTÅ 2 x 60x20x64 are not included.


Delirium - A collection of sideboards by the artist Klas Ernflo.

Delirium - the erratic sideboards.

(Don't forget to turn the volume on!)

Doors ILLUSION Super White / Legs TRESTLE Birch
Cabinet frames from Ikea are not included.

Silent Greige.

A shade that breathes low-key elegance and goes well together with different types of wood. Available on all fronts, sides and tops and on all wooden handles and legs.

Doors HARLEQUIN Silent Greige / End panels Silent Greige / Top panel Silent Greige / Handles PHARMACY Deep Black / Legs ANGLES LOW Black
Cabinet frame from Ikea is not included.

This placement of the legs requires that the furniture is well anchored to the wall and not loaded too heavily. For furniture that is wider than 120 cm or consists of several frames, placing legs in each corner as well as in the middle is normally recommended.

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