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Superfront / Our vision

We want to give more people the opportunity to surround themselves with excellent design!

Why does attractive, one-of-a-kind furniture
have to cost so much?

That's something we asked ourselves repeatedly when we renovated our first joint flat a few years ago. Our vision stretched much further than our wallets, but we were not even remotely interested in limiting our creativity.

So we thought outside the box and asked ourselves how we could create something attractive and unique, without breaking the bank.

Our solution was to use the Ikea base cabinets that we already had in our flat, and design our own new cabinet fronts to go with them. Our local woodworker helped us with manufacturing, and the colour we chose – a timeless, pale green hue – is actually the exact same colour as the Aerugo Green found in our colour palette today! 

The years after our renovation, more and more of our friends began to follow our example. They would use their Ikea base cabinets and add their own elements to come up with something entirely their own, whether it was designing their own kitchen cabinet doors, adding stone tops or using special handles they found online. Why pay sky-high prices on the High Street, when you can create something far more unique, and at a reasonable price?

Wardrobe built on Ikea Pax cabinet frame.
Fronts MARAIS Infinity Blue / Handles LONG MINI CIRCUS Brass.

Fronts HARLEQUIN Aerugo Green / Handles REFLECTION Aluminium / Legs ANGLES LOW Chrome

The coin finally dropped in 2011.

We were at a rather quiet christening party. We were busy entertaining ourselves with brainstorming when the gift table came into view. It was a sideboard made of Ikea base cabinets, but with a unique stone top. At that point, we realised that the demand for high-quality design at humane prices was far greater than just our personal need. The idea of Superfront was born!

The name Superfront popped up a couple of weeks later, more specifically as we rode the waves in Maui. We took the whole family for some surfing and quiet time to really plan our concept. Late one night on the way home from Lahina, with our two young boys snoring in the back seat, we were finally able to formulate our vision: we want to give more people the opportunity to surround themselves with excellent design!

The following months were extremely creative and intense. Finally, in March 2013, we launched our first selection of products. The response was unbelievable! Interior design magazines and blogs all over the world started writing about our design. Naturally, we were overjoyed. It turned out that well-considered design at a reasonable price was something that many desired. And since that day, everything has progressed nicely. We have been able to do what we love most – create the kind of design we want in our own home.

Kitchen built on Ikea Metod cabinet frames.
Fronts PARALLELS Ashton Grey & NO PATTERN Cloudy Grey. Handles WIRE Brass.

Fronts DELIRIUM - a collab with the Swedish artist Klas Ernflo. / Built on the Ikea Bestå cabinet frame. / Legs ANGLES HIGH Black - design by Christian Halleröd.

With Superfront, we aim to create furniture that
lives on and ages with dignity.

Our contribution is quality design at a reasonable price. This is why we are drawn to shapes that breathe simplicity and geometry, as well as timeless, harmonious colours rather than colours that dominate their environment. But we are also motivated by extreme uniqueness. Design that differs significantly from the norm and that cannot be mistaken for a fleeting trend. The materials we use are critical to our design, which is why we demand that they, too, are timeless. We like solid, genuine, untreated, beautifully patinated material, such as brass, copper, vegetable-tanned leather, stone and wood. By creating design with a long life cycle, we hope to save you money and save Mother Nature her resources. The fact that you can reuse the Ikea base cabinets you already have at home when creating your Superfront furniture is an example of doing just this. The less material you need to manufacture a piece of furniture, the better for the environment and your wallet!

We currently sell products for the following Ikea base cabinets: Bestå, Metod, Pax and the Faktum kitchen base cabinets (no longer in stock at Ikea). This means that you can create sideboards, whole kitchen concepts, wardrobes, bathroom washstands and a whole lot of storage. We also sell legs, handles, sinks and mixer taps which can be added to any piece of furniture. Considering that our business idea is to reuse and recycle, it was only natural for us to design around the discontinued Faktum kitchen base cabinets. Ikea sold the last Faktum base cabinets in 2016. Naturally, we want to enable our customers to extend the life of their Faktum kitchen for as long as possible.

In conclusion: we hope that our design will make you as inspired as we are to create beautiful, personal and affordable furniture! With our rich palette of colours, patterns and shapes, you have nearly endless design possibilities. Chances are that you will be able to create a piece of furniture that is entirely your own and unlike any other!

Monica & Mick Born, founders of Superfront

Monica & Mick Born in our headquarters in Stockholm.

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