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With our new Balls and Mini Balls handles in the colour Deep Black - you can add a sense of low-key luxury to your furniture. We have given the timeless sphere a deep matte black, blasted surface that feels as exclusive to the touch as it looks. Thanks to the extremely matte surface, the Deep Black handles give your furniture an austere, graphic character.

A sleek, conscious detail for your sideboard fronts, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and storage. Or why not like hooks on your wall? You can, for example, let the spherical shape be repeated in a room - but in different sizes - which will feel well thought out and create a nice harmony.

If you prefer a more handy feel to your handles, you will also find the Deep Black handles in black, vegetable-tanned leather from Swedens oldest tannery Tärnsjö garveri, with a matte black rivet. If you choose to put your Deep Black handles on a Black piece of furniture, you get a cool monochrome look - while the same handles on a lighter colour like Silent Greige or Cloudy Grey - gives a more distinct expression. Then dark blue and black are very neat together too... The question is; which combination are you?

Choose from all 13 variants of Deep Black and find your favourite!

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