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Care instructions Sideboards

Marble and limestone are cleaned using mild soapy water and then wiped dry with a dry cloth.

As stone is a natural material, you must reckon with grime, fat and liquid stains that cannot be removed. Therefore, be extra careful with what you place on a stone top and protect it against things like wine stains by using a table mat. If you wish to protect your stone top completely then we recommend a Nano impregnation. The impregnation is not visible but makes the stone more resistant to grime and liquid, although it does not offer complete protection against stains.

When cleaning is required we recommend a soft, damp cloth and water. If a detergent is needed it should be a mild one like soap or washing-up liquid. Always avoid using detergents that contain alcohol and ammonia or ones that have an abrasive or bleaching effect. When using soap or washing-up liquid, wipe clean with water and wipe dry immediately. This is to avoid water remaining on the surface. Be sure to wipe off any spills from the surface of your cabinet. This includes carefully wiping the edges of the front’s underside.

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