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Bedside table

Complete your bedroom with a stylish and functional bedside table that matches your interior. With our design for the Ikea Metod frame, you can create exactly the bedside table that suits your needs and style in terms of design, function and size.

Small or large bedside table
– in your personal style!

You can opt for a small or large bedside table to suit your room and your way of living. For example, if you’re the kind of person who reads multiple books at the same time combined with an extensive skincare ritual, a more spacious bedside table might be a good idea – but if you just want to fall into bed without further ado, something a little smaller might do just the job.

You can also choose to have a door, drawer or both on your bedside table, as well as wall-mounted or on legs. By freely combining our painted and veneered doors and drawers with our patterns and colours, you can create a bedside table in exactly the style that suits you. You can get everything from an unpatterned, monochrome black bedside table or sober beige with chrome details, to a playful pink bedside table with handles and legs in copper. Or maybe you’re looking for a minimalist Scandinavian white bedside table with details in natural leather? The variations are almost endless, and you can choose what suits you.

Whatever your style, you can be sure that your bedside table will stay in style for many years, as we always design with longevity in mind. We simply want the colours and patterns in our design palette to be timeless and age well. And that's why we've chosen to manufacture all our details in solid, genuine materials that patinate beautifully over time, such as brass, copper, Carrara marble and vegetable-tanned leather. Details that will only become more beautiful over the years, adding an exclusive touch to your bedside table.

Timeless bedside tables in wood veneer or painted in stylish colours.

Our range of doors is available in painted and veneered finishes, depending on what suits your décor. Painted doors are available in a range of timeless colours and patterns that can be freely combined to suit your taste, while the veneered and stained doors made of ash are available in two finishes and slightly fewer shades. In short, you can have your bedside table painted in a variety of colours, such as black, light beige, pink or white. Similarly, a bedside table in ash veneer is available in shades ranging from light wood to a deep dark brown, resembling wenge and teak. Our wood doors are also available in three exciting colours – medium grey, dark grey and chlorophyll-scented green.

In addition to the choice of door designs, there's a range of legs and handles to choose from, all with timeless design and made from genuine, solid materials such as brass, copper, marble, wood and vegetable-tanned leather. If you want a stone top for a bedside table based on Ikea's Bestå frame, you can choose between our tops in Carrara marble, Portuguese limestone and Lindanäs limestone from Estonia.

Fronts PLAIN Umber Wood / Sides Umber Wood / Top Umber Wood / Handles REFLECTION Aluminium / Legs BIG BALLS Smoked Oak
Ikea cabinet frame METOD 40x40 and drawers are not included.

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