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Questions & answers
about sideboards

The cabinet frame from Ikea is Bestå and is available in four heights: 38, 64, 128 and 192 cm. You can also choose to create a sideboard with the Metod cabinet frame from Ikea. These products can be found under Storage.

You can, of course, order only the fronts, that is up to you! However, we recommend purchasing both fronts, sides and top for your sideboard. Partly to get a colour-matched and coherent piece of furniture, but also because the thin framing of the fronts provides a sleek and elegant impression.

We do not recommend that you mix different sized fronts when you build a sideboard on the Bestå frame. Our patterns are customized after the different heights in order to look as nice as possible in that exact format. This means that you can not mix fronts with different heights on the same piece of furniture. However, No Pattern fronts are good to combine.

Our lacquered fronts are 16 mm thick, lacquered end panels and top panels are 8 mm.

Our wood veneer fronts are 17 mm, end panels and top panels in wood veneer are 9 mm.

Stone tops in Carrara marble och limestone are 20 mm thick.

Our longest top in MDF is 180 cm. If you want a longer sideboard, e.g. 240 cm, you can use two tops called 120x40 for one side.

We offer stone tops in Carrara marble and limestone to sideboards built on the Bestå cabinet frame from Ikea. These are available in the following dimensions: 60x20, 60x40, 120x20 and 120x40. If you want to build a 240 cm wide sideboard with stone top, use two stone tops called 120x40 for one side.

We mount our furniture legs with a maximum space of 120 cm and in each join where two frames meet. This means that a sideboard built on a 120 cm wide frame can have 4 legs, while a sideboard built on two 60 cm wide frames requires 6 legs.

Regardless of how many legs you use, we always recommend to wall-mount the furniture according to Ikea's mounting instructions. Read more about the number of legs for your furniture here.

Keep in mind that you have to attach your sideboard to a wall no matter how low or how stable it may be. Please, make sure to do this! If you open all the fronts, the center of gravity of the cabinet changes drastically, and then it only takes a small child hanging from one of the doors for it to fall forward.

Whether you mount your sideboard yourself or take the help of a craftsperson, we recommend following the mounting instructions carefully.

In short, the mounting works like this: The fronts are mounted with hinges that are attached to the inside of the frame with a hinge plate. Sides and tops are attached using our Mountpads, which is a kind of double-sided tape. Attach the Mountpads to a number of different points on the outside of your Ikea cabinet frame. When the side from Superfront is pressed against the frame, the glue in the Mountpads will harden and become extremely strong. We also recommend to secure taller sides with screws from inside the frame. Screws suitable to these are included in the delivery.

If a mounting instruction was missing in your delivery, do not worry! All our mounting instructions for sideboards are also available for download here.

We have chosen to limit our range and only offer hinged fronts for Bestå. This is to guarantee the best quality.

Superfront tip! If you want to build a sideboard with drawers, we recommend that you use Metod wall cabinet frame instead. Products for this can be found under Storage.

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