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Questions & answers

Our fronts are suitable for Ikea's biggest storage ranges: Bestå, Metod, Faktum and Pax.

Metod and Faktum are available in a few specific measurements, so compare the measurements of your cabinet to those on Ikea's website.

Pax is available in a few specific measurements, so compare the measurements of your cabinet to those on Ikea's website.

From a Bestå base cabinet you can build a sideboard, a TV-bench or a cupboard. Please note that we do not carry any drawer fronts for Bestå in our assortment.

From a Metod base cabinet you can build kitchens, but you can also create unique furniture such as sideboards, cupboards and hall furniture. This is possible thanks to the fact that the Metod frame is so flexible when it comes to the placement of cupboards and drawers.
From Metod you can also build bathroom vanities. It is also possible to create wardrobes from the Metod frame in case Ikea's Pax wardrobe frames do not suit your needs.

Superfront tip! With the help of a Metod base cabinet you can build a sideboard with drawers.

You can use the Pax base cabinets to build one or several wardrobes. But if the Pax wardrobes formats do not suit your needs, it is also possible to create wardrobes from the Metod top cupboards.

If our fronts are packed relatively soon after production/varnishing, it is possible that they smell quite strongly when opening the package. These are not dangerous and the scent does not sets on clothing or walls.


All our fronts are 16 mm thick.

We use a matte, water-based lacquer that we apply in three layers. The lacquer has gloss value 20.


No, that is not possible.

We can only guarantee that our products will fit the dimensions of the Bestå, Metod, Faktum and Pax ranges.

No, we do not.

No, all Ikea products have to be purchased from Ikea. You can purchase these in one of their stores or through their webshop.

We design and manufacture fronts, sides, tops, handles and legs for Ikea's most common cabinet frames: Bestå, Metod, Faktum and Pax. With our products you can create sideboards and cupboards, kitchens, wardrobes, hall furniture and bathroom vanities in an infinite amount of formats and design combinations. We have also designed and manufactured our own washbasin that suits our bathroom vanities and the Metod dimensions these are built upon.

We only guarantee that our fronts fit Ikea's Bestå, Metod, Faktum and Pax cabinets. It could be difficult to match our fronts to other suppliers’ cabinets and drawers due to differentiating formats.

We do not recommend that you mix different formats of fronts when building furniture from a Bestå frame. This because our patterns are customized after each respective front format and will therefore differate a bit from each other.

When building a furniture from a Metod frame you are able to mix different formats of said frames as you please, both in width and height.
Please note! The only pattern available for the 10 cm high drawer fronts is Parallels. This is because our other patterns will not fit on the 10 cm high drawer fronts.

For these frames we only manufacture non patterned fronts. This is because it is not possible to create pattern alignment for the Faktum dimensions regardless how the fronts are placed.

With Pax the pattern does not change regardless of if the sizes of the fronts do. Therefore, it is possible to place different sized fronts next to each other when building furniture from a Pax frame.

Our white colour, Super White, is as white as white gets. This means that the colour is pure.

Our fronts, sides and lacquered tops are usually sent from the joinery within 4-5 weeks after you place your order, while the legs, handles and other stock items are shipped within 1-2 business days. (Mixed orders of stock items and non-stock items will be delivered together according to the non-stock delivery items delivery time.)

Depending on where you live and the size of your products, the products will reach you between 2-7 days after they have been shipped from our joinery. Note that we can not give you an exact delivery date in advance. We therefore recommend that you do not book a craftsman until the products are delivered.

Here you will find questions and answers about our different product categories:

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