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Questions & answers
about legs

Yes, with the help of our special "SuperMountplate" you can attach the legs on any cabinet as long as it has a screw-friendly base such as particle board or solid wood.

It is possible, but it requires that you are real handy and build a steady frame structure in the hollow base of Pax frame. This is nothing we recommend - also, it will be more difficult to reach the clothes at the top if the wardrobe is on legs.

Yes, you can. However, note that the total height of a tall unit will be different depending on which legs you choose. Do not forget that all cabinets must be attached to the wall to eliminate the risk of falling forward, despite the fact that the cabinet is standing firmly on its legs.

Most of our legs come with an M8 screw and a mounting plate (SuperMountplate) and can thereby be mounted on a bed or sofa that either has existing M8 threads or a supporting base with a sufficiently large surface to mount the mounting plate on (at least 4x10 cm). Slender Low can be mounted on a bed or sofa provided it has a screw-friendly base with space for the leg's L-shaped mounting plate. Slender High and Angles Low and High are not suitable for mounting on a bed or sofa.

Detailed mounting instructions for each leg can be found here.

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