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Architect help

What is included in the kitchen architect service?

• Personal consultation with our kitchen designers.
• A 2D visualization of your Ikea kitchen upgraded with our design. The sketch shows your chosen design combination and the location of all of the side panels and filler pieces. This greatly helps your decision-making and also subsequently when the kitchen is installed.
• Up to 3 colour samples sent to your home so you can see the different options at home in the right environment and light.
• A detailed quotation that includes all kitchen doors, side panels, filler pieces, handles and plinths or legs that are part of your kitchen design.

We charge a fee of €85 for this service, but when you order your kitchen from us, this amount will be deducted.

How to design your kitchen with our kitchen designers:

Step 1: Plan your kitchen with Ikea.
Are you building a completely new kitchen? Then the first step is to plan the practical design at Ikea. You can book personalised help either online or in one of Ikea’s stores, or use Ikea's online planning tool. However, we recommend that you let Ikea’s staff help you. They know their stuff!

Please read our tips on what to consider when planning your kitchen.

Do you have an existing Ikea kitchen? Make sure you measure up and photograph the kitchen as it is today.

Step 2: Design your kitchen with Superfront.
When you have the basics of the kitchen ready, it’s time for the fun part – deciding what it should look like! Whether you know exactly how you want it, have trouble deciding, or are completely open to suggestions, our kitchen designers can help.

Upload your final Ikea plan (or photos/drawings with measurements if you have an existing Ikea kitchen) and fill out the form below. We will contact you personally for payment for the service and to answer any questions you may have before we start drawing. The sketch will then be sent to your email, and when you're satisfied with your kitchen design, we will produce a quotation that we'll convert into an order when you approve it. The drawing fee you paid at the beginning will be deducted from your kitchen order.

We look forward to creating your dream kitchen with you!

1. Upload your Ikea plan (PDF)

Make sure to add doors, drawer fronts, side panels and plinths to your Ikea drawing and then save it including all views and the product list.

I planned the kitchen...

When it comes to the kitchen plan, I am...

My Ikea kitchen frames are...

2. Choose your design

Patterns for lacquered doors

Select up to three options:

Note that No Pattern, Golden and Vertical are the only options available for Faktum kitchens.

Colours for lacquered doors

Select up to three options:

Patterns for wood veneer doors

Select up to two options:

Note that these options are not available for Faktum kitchens.

Colours for wood veneer doors

Select up to three options:

Note that these options are not available for Faktum kitchens.


Select up to two options:






Select up to two options:





3. Share your thoughts

Briefly describe your ideas and specify which design combinations you would like to see (max 3). You can also tell us about any obstacles or deviations that are not reflected in the Ikea plan, your choice of worktop, kitchen faucet, appliances etc.

4. Enter your personal details



Street address

Postal code



Phone number

Email address

I agree to Superfront's Privacy Policy and in accordance with these terms, I also give Superfront the right to create a customer account in my name.

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