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Questions & answers
about handles

No they do not. In order for you to be able to use what ever type of handle you want on your front, they all come without pre-drilled holes. The shape and size of the handles you choose are what determines where on the front they will look best. To help you figure out where your particular handle is best placed, we include a recommendation with the assembly instructions. You will therefore need to drill the hole for the handle yourself.

Superfront tip! Place a piece of wood on the back of your front when you drill the hole for your handle. Then, the drill has something to drill into when it passes through the front and you thereby avoid the “rough bits" that otherwise can form on the back side of the front.

Yes, you can.

As long as you have the front and the push-open handle properly assembled, they will last a long time.

Our metal handles are untreated, which means that they will develop a patina. The handles can be polished if, instead, you prefer a shiny finish.

All our leather handles are untreated. If you do not treat them, they will soon develop a lovely patina that darkens the colour. If you want to stop this process, you can pre-treat the leather with wax. We recommend an ingraining wax of the sort used for the finest leather shoes, for example, Leather Masters’ products. The wax makes the handles less sensitive to moisture and stains.

No, you do not. Handles are coated in the factory.

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