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Hallway furniture ideas

A cleverly planned hallway design makes everyday life so much easier. With our designs for Ikea’s flexible frames, you can make the most of your hallway space and create the storage unit that suits your home. And it doesn't hurt if your guests also get a really good first impression, does it?

Hallway furniture with storage

In addition to helping you create stylish and personal hallway furniture, we can make sure you get lots of smart storage. Because what's more stressful when you're in a hurry than not knowing where things are?

With our design for Ikea’s frames, the possibilities are almost endless to create the hallway storage you need, for any size of the hallway. Perhaps you want practical boxes for your kids so they can quickly find their stuff? Maybe even some shelves for the shoe pile that just keeps on growing? Or maybe a comfy seat where you can put on your shoes, with storage at hand? Thanks to the flexibility offered by Ikea’s storage cabinets, it's possible to achieve most things, including a feeling of built-in hall storage. Take your pick: low or high storage or a combination of both, deep or shallow storage, as well as storage with visible or hidden drawers. And of course, you can also get doors wherever you want.

With Ikea’s frames and our unique designs, you can simply create a stylish and personal hallway storage unit that suits your needs – and of course, we are happy to advise you along the way! You can also have your hallway storage planned and drawn up by our kitchen designers.

Customised interior design for the hallway – any size

The type of hallway storage best suited to your home depends on your needs, and the design of your hallway. Small, large, narrow or wide – with high or low ceiling? In a small, narrow hallway where you want a surface to put things on as well as a concealed storage, Ikea’s 20 cm shallow Bestå frame is perfect. It helps create a surface for keys and wallets, as well as hidden storage for smaller items such as gloves, scarves, hats and shoe care. Even in a large hallway, the shallow Bestå frame is great to combine with deeper hall storage, as it creates dynamics and space. All you need is Ikea’s Metod or Pax frames, or the deeper Bestå frames.

If you have high ceilings, Ikea’s Metod frame is a good idea, as it allows you to build storage at relatively small intervals in height, thus adapting your hallway furniture to the ceiling height. This often gives a slightly more exclusive feeling than if a dark gap is left between storage and ceiling. With the Metod frame, you can also get practical drawers in your hallway storage, to make it easy to find different things.

If you want ready-made clothes racks and fittings, we recommend the Pax frame, as Ikea has a dimension-adapted range for this frame. But of course, you can easily create your own clothes racks and fittings for Metod, should you wish to do so. Clothes rails that can be cut to the right dimensions can be found at your local DIY store, and furnishings for small items, such as belts and shawls, can be found almost anywhere nowadays.

Fronts NO PATTERN Cloudy Grey / Sides Cloudy Grey / Top Cloudy Grey / Handles PLUTO Copper / Legs BALANCE Copper
Ikea cabinet frames BESTÅ 2x 60x20x64 are not included.

Fronts PARALLELS Thunder Grey / Sides Thunder Grey / Top Thunder Grey / Handles PHARMACY Brass / Legs SLENDER LOW Brass
Ikea cabinet frames METOD 1x 80x100 and 1x 80x40, and hinges are not included.

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