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Chest of drawers

The advantage of a chest of drawers is that you can split things up, and quickly get an overview of the contents. This makes the chest of drawers a functional piece of furniture where you can easily find what you need. With our design for Ikea’s Metod frame, you have everything you need to create a chest of drawers that suits your needs and your personal style. It can be high or low, short or long, with or without concealed storage. You can also choose between having your chest of drawers wall-mounted or on legs.

Tailor your own chest of drawers – narrow, wide, high or low

The chest of drawers is a very functional piece of furniture, providing a quick overview of its contents, and letting you separate different things. Depending on how many different things you need to store in your chest of drawers, you can choose a few, larger drawers, or multiple small ones. In addition, the Metod frame also offers hidden storage in the form of smaller drawers that can be hidden behind the larger drawers visible from the outside. So you can have a chest of drawers that looks like it has four drawers, but actually holds a lot more – creating a calmer visual expression for your furniture.

If your chest of drawers is going to go in an oblong room – such as a hallway – the Metod frame lets you create a piece of furniture that's as long as you want, and you can even choose to make it so low that it can also be used as a bench. If the space where you want your chest of drawers is a bit tight, you can also choose to create a tall chest of drawers by stacking several Metod frames vertically instead. In short, Ikea’s Metod frame offers great flexibility. And with our design, the possibilities of variation are just as great when it comes to the aesthetic aspect.

By choosing between our painted and wood veneered ranges of doors, and by combining patterns and colours as you please, you can create a unique chest of drawers, customized to your personal style at home. Add to that all our different handles and legs to choose from, and you’re likely to get a piece of furniture that none of your friends have.

Fronts PLAIN Umber Wood / Sides Umber Wood / Top Umber Wood / Legs PLINTH 120 Umber Wood
Ikea cabinet frame METOD 2x 60x60 and drawers are not included.

A chest of drawers is just as practical in the bedroom as in the hallway

We usually use a chest of drawers for clothes such as T-shirts, socks and underwear. But in fact, they are also perfect for storage in a dining room.

Because you can divide things into drawers, the chest of drawers is ideal for storing items such as placemats, fine cutlery, napkins and table decorations, vases, tablecloths, candles and candlesticks. It’s also an excellent piece of furniture for your wardrobe or bedroom, to store small items such as jewelry, bags, belts, scarves, watches and cufflinks. Thanks to the pull-out drawers, a chest of drawers gives you a quick overview of your options.

Functional division and quick overview also make it a great piece of furniture to complement the hall with, where each member of the family can have a drawer for their gloves, hats and scarves. We think a chest of drawers is the smartest piece of furniture in the home.

Fronts NO PATTERN Thunder Grey / Sides Thunder Grey / Top Thunder Grey / Handles LONG MINI CIRCUS Brass / Legs PLINTH 120 Brass
Ikea cabinet frame METOD 2x 60x60 and drawers are not included.

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