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If there’s anything your home benefits from, it’s good storage. With our designs for Ikea’s cabinets, you can create storage cabinets in all kinds of sizes and styles – depending on the room where it will be.

Small and narrow or a larger storage cabinet – what do you need?

Different rooms can accommodate different types of storage, and thanks to the enormous flexibility you get from our design for Ikea’s frames, your options are virtually endless. In a small room, you may only have space for a small, narrow cabinet, but perhaps the ceiling height allows it to stand tall? However, if you have a larger room, go for a wider, low cabinet to keep the feel of spaciousness. Or you could go for a mix of high and low cabinets to create a visual dynamic.

You can also choose to combine cabinets from Ikea's different storage series Bestå, Metod and Pax with their different formats and fittings, to customize your cabinet storage. For example, the Pax frame is great if you want your cabinet to have fittings for hanging clothes. The Metod frame, on the other hand, is ideal if you want visible drawers for a good overview of things, such as hats, gloves and scarves in your hallway, or bags, jewelry, belts, underwear and T-shirts in your wardrobe. Similarly, Metod boxes can provide you with the perfect storage in a sideboard setting in your dining room, where you can store things like table mats, napkins, candlesticks, table covers, cutlery and glasses.

If you then have a small, narrow room, it may be worth building a cabinet around Ikea’s 20 cm shallow Bestå frame. It’s also perfect for the small bathroom or the unused space under the stairs!

Create cabinets in your style: black, white, colour or wood.

Just as you have hundreds of different formats to choose from for your cabinet, we’ll give you almost unlimited aesthetic possibilities. For example, you can choose between a painted or wood veneered cabinet, or you can even combine these two finishes. What's more, you can combine all the colours and patterns in each category as you wish. Just add handles and furniture legs you find suitable for your furniture and other room fittings.

All in all, our wide range of designs means you can get everything from a painted cabinet in stylish black with monochrome details, to a white cabinet with handles and legs in solid copper.

If you prefer wood, you can also choose to cover your cabinet in light, medium and dark brown wood veneer, also available in medium grey, dark grey and chlorophyll-scented green. The range of possible combinations is simply enormous, making the chances of creating a piece of furniture unique in your circle of acquaintance very high indeed.

Fronts PLAIN Alabaster Wood / Sides Alabaster Wood / Top Alabaster Wood / Handles BAR Alabaster Wood / Furniture legs ANGLES LOW Black
Ikea cabinet frames METOD 1x 80x80 and 1st 80x40, and hinges are not included.

Fronts PLAIN Willow Wood / Sides Willow Wood / Top Willow Wood / Handles TWINE Brass / Legs TWINE LOW Brass
Ikea cabinet frames METOD 1x 80x80 and 1st 80x40, and hinges are not included.

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