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Questions & answers
about sideboards

Bestå is available in a few specific measurements, so compare the measurements of your cabinet to those on Ikea's website.

No, we only have door fronts for the Bestå series.

Superfront tip! If you want to build a sideboard with drawers, use Metod wall cabinet instead.

Yes, we do - both in stone and lacquered MDF. These countertops are called "tops" on the website.

No, not from us - we only sell certain specific measurements. But you can always turn to a stone supplier or carpenter.

No, we only sell stone tops in lenghts of 60 and 120 cm. But it works fine to build a 240 cm wide sideboard with two of our stone tops called "Bestå 120x40 for one side".

Both the limestone and the Carrara marble is matte.

Carrara C.

180 cm.

The lacquered MDF tops are 8 mm thick. The marble and limestone tops are 20 mm thick.

Marble and limestone are living materials with pores that can absorb things such as fat, acid, polishes, wine, etc. If you are keen on protecting your stone top as much as possible, we recommend a preventive NANO-impregnation. The impregnation is not visible but makes the stone more resistant to grime and liquid. It does not guarantee complete protection against stains. The impregnation has hardly any scent, which is why it is also suitable for areas that are already in use. Because a stone top on a bathroom vanity is exposed to more wear than, for example, a sideboard with stone top, a bottle of NANO impregnation is always included when you order a stone top for a bathroom vanity from us. For regular cleaning of your stone top use mild soapy water then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

We recommend 6 legs. Place the middle legs in the middle of the piece of furniture and not at the joint.

We always recommend that you mount your furniture to a wall to minimize the risk of injury.

You attach the sides using our "Mountpads". They are tape cushions which are always included when you purchase our sides. You attach the Mountpads to several different places on the side of your Ikea base cabinet. When a side from Superfront is then pressed against the base cabinet, the glue in the Mountpad will harden and become extremely strong. For our longer sides, we recommend that you also secure the side with screws from the inside of the cabinet. In cases where this is needed, screws are provided with your purchase. Instructions on how to attach your top and sides is also included. And we assure you - It is a piece of cake!

Our stone tops are held in place by their own weight.

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