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Shipping to countries outside the EU is possible!

Do you live in a country outside the EU, such as the US, and want to create a Superfront sideboard or wardrobe? Even though we do not ship our whole assortment to your country, you can still order our products for Bestå and Pax – if you arrange the shipping yourself! Let us explain why and how!

Why is the full range not available online for customers outside the EU?

If you are located outside the EU, you may have noticed that you are only able to order handles and legs from our website. This is because we have not procured freight agreements to send larger shipments from our factory in Sweden to these countries yet. But as long as you organize the delivery yourself, you can order anything you want from our ranges for Pax and Bestå. This means that you can have your very own Superfront wardrobe or sideboard delivered to your home.

Note that the mounting details and fittings may vary across countries. In case you have any problems with the assembly, please contact our customer support. We are here to help!

Can I order kitchen doors or bathroom fronts to the US as well?

Unfortunately, the Ikea kitchen range in the US differs from their EU range. In the US, the kitchen cabinet frame is called Sektion and comes in dimensions that are different from the fronts that we offer for the Ikea frames Metod and Faktum. Today, we do not offer fronts for Sektion, why it is not possible to order kitchen fronts to the US and other countries where you do not have Metod or Faktum kitchens. The same thing goes for our bathroom range, since this is also made to fit the Metod frame.

How to order Superfront doors if you are located outside the EU:

Before you begin the order process it is important that you have full awareness that the responsibility of the shipping is yours as soon as the goods leave our joinery. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a reliable shipping partner that offers full insurance in case something happens during transport. To make things easier for you, we are collaborating with a shipping company called CLX (Cargo Logistics Express AB) who will customize the best shipping option for your particular order and destination. This is how you order and arrange your own shipping:

• Send a list including all the products that you wish to order (size, pattern, colour and quantity) to [email protected]. We will then get back to you with a quotation – excluding delivery. Please note that the minimum order value is €1000. An additional admin cost of €50 will be charged for packaging and handling these orders

• In order for you to get a price for the delivery, you must provide the logistics company with the length, width, height and weight of your order including the shipping pallet. We will give you this information as soon as we know which products you want to order.

• When you have received the quotation and shipment details from us, you contact the logistics company to get a shipping price and book the delivery. Besides the dimensions and weight of the shipment, you need to provide them with the address of the final destination as well as the address where they should pick up the order.

Contact CLX:
+46 8 594 500 62
[email protected]

Pick up address:
Superfront AB
Västra Vägen 31, Port 16
SE-573 41 Tranås

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