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Balls are available in all the colours of our colour palette as well as in the materials: brass, copper, steel, green marble and Carrara marble. The brass and copper are untreated and will develop a beautiful patina with time. Marble is - as the name reveals - a marbled stone, which means that the grain varies. A marble ball can be anything from almost single-coloured to heavily patterned. Our ball handles shape is taken straight from the geometrics eternal modern form spectra. A sphere, a globe, a form without frills. Just as Leonardo da Vinci would had liked!
Diameter: 40 mm.
All handles are delivered with screws that fit our fronts which are 16 mm thick.

Super White
If you want white in its purest form, Super White is the answer. To make sure that it is perceived as white as possible, it is painted on top of two layers of white base paint.

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