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About the Besta sideboard frame from Ikea

From Ikea's Bestå frames you can make a sideboard or a higher cabinet with shelving units. The frames are available in the following sizes (width x height in cm): 60x38, 60x64, 60x128, 60x192, 120x38, 120x64, 180x38 and 180x64. If you want to build a wider cabinet, all you need to do is screw together several cabinets side by side. The Bestå frame also comes with a depth of 20 cm. Our fronts fit both the 20 cm deep and the 40 cm deep frames but our sides and tops are manufactured for the 40 cm deep Bestå frames.

The Bestå frames come in three "colours": White, oakwood immitation with whitewash effect and dark brown (almost black) wood immitation.

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