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Before you shop

In addition to frames, you should shop all the interior for your wardrobe at Ikea. Our fronts come pre-drilled for hinges, so all you will need is a screwdriver to get the fronts in place.

Our doors to Ikea's Pax frames are 4 cm longer than Ikea's. This causes our fronts to end 2 cm from the floor while Ikea’s end 6 cm from the floor. The reason we made our fronts a bit longer than Ikea’s, is because we think it will look nicer when the fronts cover more of the frame’s base.

All Pax fronts are supplied with high-quality hinges with integrated dampening.

Our wardrobe fronts are suitable for Ikea's Pax frames that are 50, 75 and 100 cm wide and either 201 or 236 cm high.

Pax-frames come in 2 different depths and 2 different heights. We have sides suitable for all these formats.

It is possible but you will need to be extremely handy and build a framework in the hollow plinth of the Pax-frame. This is not something that we recommend. It will also make it harder to reach the clothes stored at the top of the wardrobe if you were to put legs on it.

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