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Questions & answers
about storage furniture

Yes, our storage furniture is built on the Ikea Metod cabinet frame so you can use the drawer Maximera from Ikea and drawer fronts from us.

Yes, we do, but unlike the Sideboard category, we have for Storage only tops in 8 mm lacquered design. Not stone.

160 cm. But you can build a storage space up to 320 cm wide by using two top pieces called "160 for one Side".

Both the tops and sides of the storage are 8 mm thick.

By security reasons always attach your cabinet to the wall to reduce the damage risk.

You attach the sides using our "Mountpads". They are tape cushions which are always included when you purchase our sides. You attach the Mountpads to several different places on the side of your Ikea base cabinet. When a side from Superfront is then pressed against the base cabinet, the glue in the Mountpad will harden and become extremely strong. For our longer sides, we recommend that you also secure the side with screws from the inside of the cabinet. In cases where this is needed, screws are provided with your purchase. Instructions on how to attach your top and sides are also included. And we assure you - It is a piece of cake!

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