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Green kitchen ideas

With a green kitchen, you bring a sense of nature into your home, creating a timeless atmosphere that stands the test of time in an age when we need to conserve natural resources. Green is also a colour that interacts beautifully with plants, food and vegetables and therefore performs very well in a kitchen. Here you can see a selection of all the green kitchens you can create with Superfront's design together with Ikea's frames!

Green kitchen doors from Superfront

With new kitchen doors, your kitchen can get a whole new look. With us, you can choose between renewing an existing kitchen with replacement kitchen doors or creating a new kitchen with Superfront's own design. Our green kitchen doors are available in all sorts of designs, from smooth doors to doors in different patterns and ribbed doors.

We have a wide range of green kitchen doors in different shades. For example, we have our own green colour for ribbed and smooth wooden kitchen doors, which is truly unique. The smooth wooden door Plain in Willow Wood has a chlorophyll-scented, soft green shade, and is also available with sophisticated vertical lines, as seen in the door Vertical in Willow Wood. In addition to this harmonious green colour, you will find a number of other shades of green among our kitchen doors, meaning you're sure to find a colour that suits the style you're after. You can also choose cabinet doors in custom colour to get your exact favourite shade of green. To get inspiration for your colour choices and ensure you choose the right shade, order our wood and colour samples for your Metod kitchen and colour samples for your Faktum kitchen.

Green kitchen doors that fit Ikea frames

At Superfront, we design and manufacture fronts, cover panels, handles and top panels for Ikea's most common cabinet frames, so that you can add your own personal touch to your home interior. We make kitchen doors for Ikea's current frame Metod as well as the older frame Faktum (2002-2013), which means you can create a completely unique Superfront kitchen by either updating existing frames or planning a new kitchen from scratch. With our uniquely designed kitchen doors, cover panels, kitchen handles and legs for kitchen cabinets, you can create a personal and stylish kitchen that stands out from the crowd. Before you decide on the kitchen style you want, you can choose to let our kitchen architects help you design your kitchen. A great opportunity to create your dream kitchen at no extra cost as the price of the service is deducted when you place a kitchen order.

Not sure if you have a Metod kitchen or a Faktum kitchen? Take a look at our kitchen guide How to know if you have a Metod or Faktum kitchen to find out which of our ranges you should use.

Bring out the turn-of-the-century feel with a dark green kitchen.

Depending on whether your home is turn-of-the-century, 60s or newly built, you can pick the shade of green that best suits your home. If you are looking for a dark green kitchen, we have the colour Bottle Green, which leans towards classic racing green with a few splashes of blue. A timeless colour that brings out the turn-of-the-century feel. You can also customise your own dark green shade by choosing one of the NCS chart's 1950 colours, which we offer as an option.

Have a look at our range of kitchen doors and drawer fronts for Metod if you have the newer Ikea frame. You'll find both lacquered and wood veneered doors, with or without patterns. If you're looking for kitchen doors and drawer fronts for Faktum, we have lacquered doors and drawer fronts in both smooth and patterned designs. Knobs and handles are also details that can elevate an entire kitchen. Our kitchen handles are available in a variety of green colours and metals such as brass and copper.

Light green kitchen in timeless shades.

Our own colour Willow Green is a continental and calm shade that interacts beautifully with wood and other natural materials in your kitchen. Willow Green provides a modern touch that contrasts nicely with an older context.

If you want a really light green feel in your kitchen, Aerugo Green could be the colour for you. This low-key colour never goes out of style and appears in the most timeless of contexts, ensuring that your kitchen will last for a long time to come.

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