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Obsidian Wood:
Black wooden kitchen

You can't go wrong with black! That's how most people think when it comes to clothes, while black kitchen doors are considered by some to be a bold choice. But a black kitchen done right can certainly be both low-key and elegant. Just look at our black kitchens in stained ash wood!

Black kitchens with a softer feel

The choice of materials and finishes has a huge impact on how we experience colour. Kitchen doors in black wood give a completely different feel than, say, doors in a high-gloss black finish. You get the sleekness and elegance from the black – while the grain and tactile feel of the wood adds both warmth and a softness that keeps the result from feeling stiff. And since wood is a natural and timeless material, you don't have to worry about your black kitchen feeling dated in a few years.

Plain and fluted kitchen doors in black wood

Depending on which style you want for your black kitchen, you can choose between the smooth door Plain in Obsidian Wood, where the wood grain is the main focus, and the door Vertical in Obsidian Wood, which has a sleek, fluted texture. To help you create an all-black kitchen, our range of cover panels and plinths also comes in the same deep black shade. Go all the way and match with the wooden handle Bar or break it up with any of our other kitchen handles – perhaps in metal, stone or leather?

Black wooden furniture for all rooms

Obsidian Wood is not only available on our range for Ikea's Metod kitchen, but you can also buy black wooden doors for wardrobes, sideboards, chests of drawers and bathroom dressers, meaning you have the chance to furnish any room you like with elegant, black wood furniture!

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