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Swedish Superfront completes its colour palette with the new colour Silent Greige. A shade that breathes low-key elegance and goes well together with different types of wood.

"It's a mature and timeless colour that you see more if you look outside Sweden's borders," says founder and designer Monica Born. And since our customers are largely international, Silent Greige complements our palette in a very natural way."

Mick Born – the other half of the duo – fills in: "When we experiment with new colours to our palette, we become totally wrapped up in finding that perfect shade. Silent Greige is not a colour that shouts for attention, but it's not a dime a dozen colour either - so the end result is discreetly luxurious.

Silent Greige is available online from 6/2 and can be seen in Superfronts showrooms in Stockholm and Oslo.

Press contact: Monica Born

Delirium has been designed specifically for Superfront by illustrator and artist Klas Ernflo. The pattern is not constant in the way they have been previously, but is designed uniquely for each front. Delirium is available to order from Augusti 17, 2017.

- Our previous patterns have been repetitive, but this time we wanted to try something more freely and fuzzy says Mick Born, one of Superfront’s founders.

Superfront contacted the artist Klas Ernflo who lived up the exact feeling they wanted.

- Klas amazing illustrations tend to be surreal, almost like a picture out of our subconscious. Once we got to see his proposal on the patterns - we got very excited, says Monica Born Superfront’s second founder.

- It’s like you see movements and hear different sounds when viewing the pattern. It's almost like you get hallucinations. Hence the name Delirium, Mick continues.

Klas Ernflo is also pleased to work with Superfront:

- It has been very easy to collaborate with Superfront since the founders themselves come from the creative direction and like to be challenged. To realise I can almost create hallucinations in others is also a discovery which I rejoice greatly.

- The pattern is playful but on the same time very elegant in that it has the same color as the rest of the front and can only be seen as a relief. I can picture Delirium in an eclectic Milan home from the 50s, but also in a sleek, exclusive home right now, Monica Born ends.

Delirium will be available in all Superfront colours and the price level is the same as for the other patterns. You can choose whether you want a piece of furniture that covers the entire pattern - or one that contains parts of it. Delirium comes in heights of 64 cm and 128 cm and in widths of 60, 120, 180 and 240 cm and is sold in ready-made combinations of 1, 2, 3 or 4 fronts.

Press contact: Monica Born

We thought of those plump, heavy clouds that turn into rain on a hot summer day. Of the big, cool drops; as liberating as tears over the lost summer romance. Those that quench the heat and bring out natures scents again. We thought of how beautiful everything can be even though the skies are completely grey. Cloudy Grey is available from December 15 at We hope you like it.

The matte black finish of the Deep Black handles gives them a sculptural expression with clearly chiselled lines. The handles are released on Monday November 21 and will be available in seven different models.

- With its razor-sharp silhouettes, Deep Black is a collection of handles that provides a graphical character to its furniture. The surface of the handles is extremely matte and creates an understated exclusivity, says Mick Born.

- Our Existing handle models get a completely different expression with this new, deep black surface. Our Loop handle in black leather for example - gets a considerably harder appearance with the matte black rivet instead of the polished metal ones adds Monica Born.

The Reflection and Mini Reflection handles creates a visual effect when put on a piece of black furniture since the front of those handles are polished, while the back of them is black.

- The Deep Black Reflection and Mini Reflection handles create the illusion of a floating mirror. It adds something poetic and magical in a room Monica Born ends.

In February Superfront released a limited collection of hand made handles in collaboration with the Swedish Contemporary Swedish Silver Foundation. Now the Pharmacy, Pluto and Reflection handles are released in three new metals: aluminum, brass and copper. In addition, a completely new handle will be released which is a smaller version of the Reflection handle named Mini Reflection. All handles are solid and untreated giving them a fine patina with time.

- Mini Reflection creates an elegant expression on a piece of furniture that we like says Monica Born, one of the Superfront’s founders.

The price for the Pharmacy, Pluto and Reflection handles will be 21 Euro, and for the Mini Reflection 16 Euro.

- We received a very positive response when we launched the handles in silver and bakelite, but it is of course expensive to put hand-forged handles in a full kitchen. These new versions costs less but is still made of beautiful, solid materials that ages nicely adds Mick Born, another Superfront's founders.

The handles are on display at as of September 26, 2016.

Press contact:

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