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Now you can use the Slender Low leg on longer sideboards!

The new supporting middle leg Slender Low Middle makes it possible to use our popular corner legs Slender Low on sideboards longer than 120 cm! The leg is designed to share the weight of longer sideboards with corner legs. So now you can confidently use our Slender Low leg on any length of sideboard you want!

Now, for example, you can join together two Metod frames, each with a width of 80 cm, to a 160 cm long furniture unit and use the Slender Low legs in the corners as well as a couple of Slender Low Middle legs in the middle of your piece of furniture, where the frames sit together. Likewise, you can use the Slender Low legs on a 180 cm long sideboard built on Ikea’s Bestå frame, or connect two 120 cm long Bestå frames and make a 240 cm long sideboard – you only need to put a couple of supporting Slender Low Middle legs in the middle.

This is a welcome addition to this furniture leg series that, thanks to its simple, timeless design, looks good on everything from contemporary furniture to an older vintage find!

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