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Questions & answers
about kitchens

Yes, you buy all your Ikea products at Ikea. Either in one of their stores or in their web shop.

The easiest way to find out is to measure the height of the plinth. The Metod plinth is 8 cm high and the Faktum plinth is 16 cm high. You will find several examples of differences between the two on the Ikea website.

We can only guarantee that our products fit Ikea's series Metod & Faktum.

No, we do not sell countertops for kitchens. But if you live in the Stockholm area, we recommend Valter Eklund and in Oslo, Sigvartsen Stein. They can help you to measure/and create a template for your stone top as well as deliver and install it in your kitchen. If you live in another country, you need to contact your local stone supplier.

No, we do not recommend that you use push-open on drawers because the self closing mechanism on these works against the push-open-mechanism.

That is difficult to determine without having seen the room and other furnishings in its vicinity. But generally, a ‘calm’ room could manage more patterns than a room that is ‘messy’. If you already have an abundance of patterns on, e.g. curtains, carpets and cushions, your room could do with a somewhat ‘calmer’ kitchen. Mixing patterned and smooth surfaces is also nice as it could offer a bit of life to an otherwise ‘plain’ interior design. If you are looking for some specific advice for the kitchen you have planned, we will gladly provide you with this in conjunction with creating a design sketch. Just provide us with some descriptions and pictures of the room in which you plan to install your kitchen - what it looks like today and what you have in mind.

Yes, absolutely! We have designed several kitchens in two or three colours. It can look quite nice as long as you plan where the different colours should be placed and have an idea as to why. Our colour collection is carefully composed to ensure the colours match each other.

Superfront tip! Having a dark colour on the floor units and a light one on the rest or vice versa could work really well. Mixing colours next to each other could also look very nice and give the kitchen an exclusive feel. Feel free to consult us about achieving a fine balance in this type of kitchen.

Our plinth is 16 mm thick, 8 cm high and 220 cm long.

If you choose drawers under a sink there are several options. The part that covers the actual sink is usually a blind front that is fixed on the inside using an angle bracket. Other drawer fronts are connected using a bracket from Ikea.

A side is placed on the outside of the base cabinet so your cabinet is the same colour all over. These also give the furniture a more exclusive expression.

Our 8 mm thick sides are only for aesthetic purposes, in other words, so that the entire unit has the same colour everywhere allowing your furniture a more exclusive expression.

Our 16 mm thick sides can also be placed on their own, without being attached on the outside of base cabinet, and offer a supportive function. These are used primarily when you have a dishwasher at the end of a row of units, but can also be used in the entire kitchen for a more robust feel.

Superfront tip! If your kitchen design requires a supportive 16 mm thick side, we recommend, for aesthetic reasons, to choose this thickness for all sides.

You would have to join together two filler pieces. The most common method is to put the seam in the least visible place or in line with another seam, for example where two doors meet.

A filler piece is a piece that fills gaps, for example you can use it to fill in the gap between the end of a cabinet and a wall.

A filler piece should always be placed between a cabinet and a wall. It enables you to open cupboard doors and drawers without them scraping the wall, but is also necessary for aesthetic reasons.

You can make filler pieces out of our sides and fronts. The material used has to be at least 16 mm thick. Avoid having open sawed ends near wet areas. A lacquered surface is best but if that is not possible be sure to seal the sawn part using paint or silicone.

Superfront tip! A side or a front is enough to make several filler pieces. You can easily cut it to the right height and width.

In order for you to have something to screw into when you fit the piece into place.

It is either screwed or glued into place.

Superfront Tip! The neatest way is to place it in line with the cupboard doors. This requires a bit more work, but what aren't you willing to do in order for it to look as nice as possible in the end?

It could be for aesthetic reasons or to be able to open the doors without them jamming against uneven parts of the ceiling. Avoiding having to clean the tops of the cupboards is also a good reason.

You can make it from our sides and our fronts. The material used has to be at least 16 mm thick. You cut it to the required width and length.

Superfront tip! A side and a front is enough to make several ceiling pieces. But avoid open sawed ends. These should face towards the wall or the ceiling as much as possible and preferably be lacquered or covered with silicone.

45X80 and 60X80 cm are the dimensions we have for dishwasher fronts.

Superfront tip! It is also possible to have several fronts disguising a dishwasher that is 60 wide, for example, two 60x40 fronts will look like two drawers where you have your dishwasher. Do not forget that when you choose this type of solution, you will need to purchase a connecting rail for fronts at Ikea.

Our fronts only fit so-called "integrated appliances". We can ensure that they fit Ikea's integrated dishwashers. If you choose another supplier of major appliances, it is up to you to check that the fronts fit in size.

Yes, when it comes to the 60 cm wide dishwasher fronts. The 45 cm wide fronts, however, are only available without pattern or in the pattern Parallels and Golden.

Most dishwashers come with a metal strip, as is the case when you buy household appliances from Ikea. But as a precaution we advise that you double-check with the appliance supplier.

As Ikea's household appliances fit our size format, we recommend them. If you choose to buy your household appliances from another supplier, make sure that they fit Ikea’s cabinets and our fronts.

No we do not.

No. The pattern alignment does not fit those dimensions. Patterned fronts are available for the Bestå, Metod and Pax ranges.

The quickest and simplest way is to place the order yourself on our website. When you have put together the products you want, check carefully to make sure your order is correct. Placed orders can only be altered within 48 hours of receiving your order confirmation. This is because we make your order according to your specific requests.

You can also get help from our kitchen designer who will draw your kitchen plan for you and help you place your order. When seeking help, send the following details to [email protected]:

1. Your name.
2. Your Homeplanner drawing and your product specification from Ikea (pdf).
3. The name of the pattern and the colour you want for your fronts and the name of the handles and plinth / legs you have chosen.
4. If you have chosen a sink, mixer and splash guard, we would like pictures of those too if possible.

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