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Our doors and drawers fronts are 16 or 17 mm thick and come pre-drilled for hinges and drawers. Holes for handles will be drilled by yourself.

Hinges for the Metod frame are purchased at Ikea. Note that the interior you choose for your kitchen determines the opening angle required for your hinges.

If you just want shelves in your Metod frame, we recommend the hinges with a 110 degree opening angle. However, if you want to place a drawer behind the door front, you need to buy the hinges that have 153 degrees.

When you have a Faktum kitchen, you mount our kitchen fronts with your existing Faktum hinges from Ikea.

Our sides for Ikea’s Metod-kitchen are either 8, 9, 16 or 17 mm thick. A thicker side is necessary if it is going to have a supportive function, such as to carry a worktop when a dishwasher is to be placed right next to the gable on the kitchen counter. A thicker side is also needed for any recess pieces against the wall or ceiling. You can also use a front as a recess piece.

Our sides for Ikea’s Faktum-kitchen are 16 mm thick. In some cases, you might have to cut the side for it to fit properly.

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