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Mini Reflection is available in brass, copper, aluminium and Deep Black. The handle is characterized by clean lines and is also a further development from the slightly bigger Reflection handle. Mini Reflection is, like the name suggests, not a big handle. But the shape is still so unique that these handles easily become the cherry on top of any unit.
Diameter: 18 mm.
Protrudes: 28 mm from the front.
All handles are delivered with screws that fit our fronts which are 16 mm thick.
Mini Reflection combines beautifully with it's older sister - our Reflection handle - from where the design has been inherited. Note that most of our handles are ideal to use as hooks both at home and at work! You can use them in your hallway, bathroom, bedroom, etc. The Reflection handles can also be used to put up and hold a mirror, for example 4 Reflection handles around a 80 cm in diameter large, round mirror. Also keep in mind that it might be nice to have the same shape reappear in a room, so if for example, you have a handle on a bathroom commode, it might be nice to use the same kind of handle as hooks, alternatively, it might be nice to combine two handles with a similar design such as for example Reflection and Mini Reflection.

Deep Black / Aluminium
With its pitch black back and mirrored front, this handle creates the illusion of a floating mirror when mounted on a black cabinet.

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