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Wooden kitchen doors

Besides being one of the most timeless building materials, wood has the ability to add character and personality to the kitchen. Now you can replace your kitchen doors with beautiful wooden doors and get a unique wooden kitchen with simple means. We let you redesign your old Ikea kitchen, or make your newly planned Ikea kitchen more personal, with kitchen cabinet doors made of sustainable wood in natural shades that do not fade or discolour over time.

Stylish wooden kitchen doors that fit Ikea's frames

Wood is a living material that has been around us humans since forever. There are many benefits to using wood in your kitchen. With a wooden kitchen, you bring a piece of nature indoors – something that helps to create peace and harmony in your home. The great value that wood has in our homes also makes wooden kitchen doors a timeless design choice that stands the test of time – something that in the long run contributes to a more sustainable world.

We make kitchen doors and drawer fronts in wood that fit the Ikea Metod frame. When you order from us, you choose the colour, style and design of your wooden doors yourself. By adding new kitchen doors to old Ikea frames, you can create your own unique wooden kitchen without major renovations.

Wooden doors for the kitchen in unique colours

With our unique wood shades and the beautiful grain of the ash wood, you can be sure that your doors in wood veneer will add a lively warmth to your room. You can choose between both warm and cold wood tones depending on what suits your particular home.

Are you fond of dark, elegant and exotic woods such as walnut, smoked oak or wenge? Then you will also like our deep, dark brown shade Umber Wood which is inspired by such woods. If you are instead drawn to medium-dark shades such as oak, maple or elm, you will love our shade Biscotti Wood. And for those of you who are attracted by cool, blonde woods such as ash, birch and pine, there is the bright Alabaster Wood kitchen door.

We also have three shades of wood with inspiration from other parts of nature – something that makes them interact beautifully with other natural materials in the home. For example, take a look at the unique green shade Willow Wood which reminds us of the forest and soft moss. Or bring a piece of the sky's own colour palette into the kitchen with Thunder Wood, a shade that has the ability to highlight other colours and materials in the kitchen.

Willow Wood

Wooden kitchen doors creates timeless elegance

Our ambition is to create timeless furniture and details that age beautifully over time as it contributes to more sustainable consumption. We have therefore made sure that our wooden kitchen doors in wood veneer retain their unique shades over time instead of fading which is otherwise common for wood.

For example, dark woods normally fade from sunlight, while light woods instead turn yellow over time, something we have wanted to avoid with our wooden doors. We have been able to do this by making all wooden doors from ash wood – a type of wood that is far more resistant to UV-light than most other types of wood. The doors are then stained with a UV-curing topcoat to further ensure that the doors retain their beautiful shades. This means that you do not have to worry about your dark kitchen doors fading, or that your light doors will discolour. All our wooden doors are also veneered, which gives the advantage that the doors will not warp the way that can be the case with doors in solid wood.

Design a unique kitchen with wooden doors from Superfront

With us, you get the chance to create an entirely unique wooden kitchen. You can choose between several different wood shades, but also from hundreds of details in different colours and materials. This allows you to create a timeless and highly personalized kitchen. Depending on how you combine our design options, you can achieve everything from a sleek, modern style to a more classic one. Handles in matte black, for example, add a stylish and updated look, while handles in solid copper add a more classic touch.

When you order new wooden doors and fronts, you can also add plinths or legs for kitchen cabinets and kitchen handles for your new wooden kitchen. Create a harmonious balance with beautiful wooden handles in a sleek design, or contrast with unique handles in solid brass or stone. Do you want more ideas on how you can design your kitchen with new wooden kitchen doors? Look here for kitchen inspiration for your wooden kitchen.

We help you find the right kitchen doors in wood

Would you like some help with choosing the style and design of your new kitchen doors? Contact our kitchen designers for advice regarding materials, colours and details to realize your vision. You can also visit our store in Stockholm, or order colour and wood samples so that you can see what suits your home before you order. It is always good to take factors such as lighting and wall colour into consideration when choosing new kitchen doors.

Replacing kitchen doors and drawer fronts yourself does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. We aim to make the replacement easy and smooth all the way from your online order to assembly. When you order kitchen doors made to fit your old Ikea frames from us, the kitchen doors come pre-drilled for Ikea's hinges. This makes it easy to mount them on-site, just like with your old doors. You are more than welcome to contact us if you have questions about our kitchen doors and wooden materials!

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