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How much does a new kitchen cost?

Thinking about a new kitchen? Here we look at the different options available when you want to update your kitchen. We look at prices and how you can get a new kitchen in a cost-effective way.

How to get a new kitchen
in a cost-effective way

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. That's why it could also need a little extra love when it starts to get worn out or if it's not working practically for you and your needs. Depending on the current state of your kitchen and your needs, there are different ways you can go about getting a new kitchen.

Replace the kitchen doors
Generally, it's the kitchen surfaces that have become worn after years of use, while the frames and drawers are still in good condition. In these cases, you can simply replace the kitchen doors to make the kitchen feel like new again. Since you're reusing your existing cabinets, you can then cut a big, boring expense out of your budget to focus a little more on the actual design of the kitchen – with the opportunity to have it exactly how you want it! Plus, it's good from an environmental point of view as it generates less waste.

Paint the kitchen doors
You can also get the feel of a new kitchen if you paint the kitchen doors in a new colour. It's good in the sense that you reuse the kitchen as a whole and can get away relatively cheaply, but bear in mind that the quality of your existing doors can affect the longevity of the kitchen. And while you can freely choose the colour, you're still limited to the design your doors have today.

Renovate the kitchen
Sometimes it's not enough to just give your kitchen a new finish. Maybe the kitchen cabinets have also had their day, or the old kitchen design is not optimised for you and your needs? Then it may be time to carry out an analysis of your needs, dismantle the old kitchen and plan a new kitchen. But there are tricks to renovate the kitchen cost-effectively without compromising on design or quality.

How much does a new kitchen cost?
We compare the prices

The price of a new kitchen depends on the method you use and the suppliers you choose, so it can be surprisingly variable. In other words, it's difficult to calculate the avarage cost of a new kitchen, but we can give you a general idea of what the price range might be.

A full kitchen renovation is undoubtedly the most expensive option. Depending on whether you choose budget or luxury, the cost of materials for a standard-sized kitchen can range from €10,000 to over €30,000.

Painting the kitchen doors is often the cheapest option and can cost between €500 and €2,500 for a normal-sized kitchen.

New kitchen doors fall somewhere in between. Depending on the supplier, quality and choice of materials, new doors for a normal-sized kitchen can cost anywhere between €600 and €3,000.

For all these scenarios, shipping and installation costs will be added. In the case of a full-scale kitchen renovation, you also have to include costs for demolition.

Design a new kitchen with Superfront

If you decide to get new kitchen doors for your Ikea frames, you have almost endless possibilities to design your kitchen just the way you want it! You can either do it online all by yourself or let our kitchen designers create a design for you!

We have doors for Ikea Metod and doors for Ikea Faktum, which means you can switch to new doors from Superfront regardless of which of these kitchen frames you have in your kitchen. And by also changing kitchen handles and legs for kitchen cabinets, you can make your new kitchen even more personal!

See examples of kitchens created with our products in our kitchen inspiration!

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