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Swell – a handle with
stripped-down elegance, in six variants.

Handle SWELL Brass / Front NO PATTERN Bottle Green.

Handle SWELL Aluminium / Front BIG FISH Ashton Grey.

We are proud to present our new, longer handle: Swell! By combining the simplicity of a cylinder with the undulating shape of a sea in motion – the Swell handle has got an expression that is stripped-down, yet characteristic. For months, we have refined the prototypes to finally achieve that perfect shape that is soft, organic and anything but mechanical. It may sound pretentious, but we think it is such detailing that is required for design to feel well-conceived and exclusive.

– The stripped-down, yet characteristic expression of Swell is quite typical of our design. We often start with pure and simple basic forms – but then always add something that gives our design a unique feel, says Monica Born, one of Superfront's founders.

The final result is a stylish handle with a strong character. And isn't it fun with details that take things to a whole new level and sometimes make all the difference?

Swell is available in aluminium, matte black, brass and copper, of which the latter two come in two finishes: polished or raw – all depending on what kind of look you want for your kitchen or furniture.

Handle SWELL Deep Black / Front NO PATTERN Cloudy Grey.

Handle SWELL Raw Copper / Front PARALLELS Infinity Blue.

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