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The Abstract Collection

A series of sculptural sideboard doors inspired by abstract art and the organic shapes of nature. The Abstract Collection gives your Ikea Bestå frame a new and exciting look!

Sideboards with soft, organic shapes

The inspiration for the Abstract Collection comes from artists such as Jean Arp, Alexander Calder and Barbara Hepworth, whose works often consist of one or several organic forms that bring associations to nature. Perhaps it's this very connection to nature that makes organic elements feel so timeless – they are such a familiar part of our surroundings that they never go out of style. As a tribute to the shapes of nature and abstract art, we have developed a series of sideboard doors that we call the Abstract Collection.

Soft, organic shapes – not unlike stones whose edges have been rounded by the waves – appear as an extra layer on top of the otherwise smooth door fronts. With doors from our Abstract Collection, your sideboard takes on a three-dimensional, sculptural look, almost like an abstract work of art in itself!

Sculptural doors for Ikea's Bestå frame

The Abstract Collection doors are available in all the lacquered colours included in our standard palette – or you can choose your own colour from the NCS chart if you prefer! Then complete with a top and end panels in the same colour and finish off with any of our furniture legs. Whichever colour you choose, your sideboard will have a monochrome, sculptural look that will add an artistic and warm atmosphere to your home.

The size of the doors is 60x64 cm, which fits Ikea's 64 cm high Bestå frame. You can choose between one, two or three doors, which correspond to the widths of 60 cm, 120 cm or 180 cm on Ikea's frames. The two longer formats are ideal for those looking for a TV bench or storage unit for the living room, bedroom or hallway. And the smallest one is just perfect for a bedside table in the bedroom!

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