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The Circus family

A collection of knobs and handles whose clean-cut design is based on one and the same geometric shape – the perfectly round circle. The entire Circus family is available in the metals brass, copper and aluminium as well as in a matte black finish.

Extra Long Mini Circus

With its considerable length, the Extra Long Mini Circus handle offers a practical grip, while its rounded art deco-inspired design gives your furniture a luxurious and elegant look. It is well suited for the tall doors of a wardrobe as well as for wider fronts that can be found on a chest of drawers or in a bathroom – providing an eye-catching, stylish look where the handles really get to stand in the spotlight!

The width of the handle is the same as on the shorter handle Long Mini Circus and it also corresponds to the diameter of the Mini Circus knob. Therefore, this trio work great to combine, for example in a kitchen.

The Extra Long Mini Circus has the standard dimension 256 mm between the centre of the screw holes.

Long Circus
& Long Mini Circus

The handles Long Circus and Long Mini Circus match our round handles Circus and Mini Circus, but are longer and a little more grip-friendly. Since these longer handles have a width that corresponds to the diameters of the round handles, they harmonize very well together, even though they differ in shape.

Use the handles throughout an entire kitchen or combine with one of the other members of the Circus family. Put them on a chest of drawers or wardrobe for an updated art deco look. The rounded shape and the elegant, mirror-like surface will give your furniture that exclusive feel that was so typical of the time.

Long Circus and Long Mini Circus has the standard dimension 128 mm between the centre of the screw holes.

Circus & Mini Circus

The Circus handle, with its perfect circular shape, is the ancestor of the entire Circus family. Two cylinders of different diameters have been cut and joined together to form a handle that is as simple as it is useful. With the same principle, Mini Circus was created – a slightly smaller knob which is the perfect choice for those who prefer really discreet, minimalist details.

The diameter of the Circus knob corresponds to the width of the Long Circus handle – and in the same way, Mini Circus harmonizes with both Long Mini Circus and Extra Long Mini Circus. This allows you to mix and match the handles however you like. A couple of these knobs also work great as the finishing touch on a sideboard!

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