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Bar – the wooden handle that both stands out and blends in!

Our popular wooden Bar handle offers a sleek design and a solid grip. A deliberate detail that speaks for itself while becoming one with your furniture.

Modest design with a strong character

The shape of our Bar handle is austerely stripped – a rectangular grip bar which is attached to the door with smaller blocks in the same design. Clean lines and straight angles – no frills! But at the same time a distinct detail that gives your furniture a strong character. The wooden handles are available in a variety of lengths to match either the width of a drawer front or the height of a door, providing a tailored feel where the handles extend elegantly across the entire doors, whether they are on a sideboard or chest of drawers, an entire kitchen or a 236 cm high wardrobe!

Available in all our lacquered colours and wood shades

The Bar handles are available in all the colours of our palette – both the lacquered colours and our different wood shades. That means you can have wooden handles that blend into the background like a chameleon, regardless of the design and colour you choose for your furniture. Think soft wood tones with a sense of nature to capture the Japandi style, monochrome in white or grey for a stripped-down, minimalist look. Or choose handles and doors in different colours for a more eye-catching effect!

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