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If you have a 20 cm high drawer front at the top of your bathroom vanity, this must be mounted on the lowest drawer from Ikea called Maximera Low or Exceptionell Low in order for the stench trap and pipes to fit. In other words, you can NOT use the drawer called Maximera Middle or Exceptionell Middle that you normally use for a 20 cm high front. A 10 cm high drawer can not be placed on top of the bathroom vanity as it does not allow enough space for the stench trap.

You should use the Ikea wall cabinet frame from the Metod-series that is 37 cm deep. It is important that you DO NOT use the base cabinet frame, since that does not have the top piece required in order for the mounting to be correct.

The height up to the countertop on our bathroom vanities is always 79 cm. The total height of our vanities including our wash basin is 91 cm.

The depth of all vanities is 40 cm when fitted and completed.

You can choose between the widths of 40, 60, 80 or 120 cm. The 120 cm wide vanity is made out of two frames - either two 60 cm frames or one 40 cm frame plus one 80 cm frame. Other formats only require one frame.

The height of the frame can be either 40 or 60 cm depending on if you want 17 or 37 cm high legs. If you want more room for storage and lower legs you will choose a 60 cm high frame, if you want a higher legged furniture you will choose the 40 cm high frame.

You can either have legs in all four corners of your bathroom vanity, or just at the front. No matter how many legs you choose to have, you must always wall mount it properly. We do not recommend letting your vanity be completely wall hung. It works - but the heavy stone may cause the wall bracket to loosen over time.

- Cabinet frames.
- Hinges and/or drawer inserts.
- Suspension rail (recommended, especially if you are going to build your furniture with 2 frames).
- Any eventual shelves you may want.

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