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New sizes of doors for Pax.

Fronts suitable for Ikea’s 75 cm wide Pax frame!

Breathe new life into Ikea’s 75 cm wide Pax frame. Our fronts for this format are sold in pairs and can be combined with the fronts for the 50 and 100 cm wide Pax frames. This offers you a great variety of options for upgrading your Pax wardrobe when its doors have perhaps had their day. On the same time it allows you to make a valuable contribution to the environment by upcycling your frames instead of buying an entirely new wardrobe.

Since the patterns, colours and handles we offer can be combined in a virtually infinite number of ways, you can create a uniquely individual wardrobe that will truly enhance your home décor! As you may have gathered, adoring exquisite form and interior design doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive or harmful for the environment!

More flexible wardrobe formats!

Thanks to our new fronts for Ikea's 75 cm wide Pax frame, you can now create wardrobes with 25 cm width intervals, instead of the previous 50 cm. Like our other fronts for the Pax frame, the new fronts are available in heights 201 and 236 cm. Here are some examples of possible wardrobe formats:

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