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Our anatomy - this is how it works!

With our concept, you can create furniture that is both handsome, smart and kind. Smart because you get a quality furniture at a reasonable price - and kind because it enables you to reuse already existing Ikea cabinets you might have, and thereby save on resources!

Easily described, you choose your cabinet on Ikea - or take a frame you have at home - and then dress it with fronts, sides and tops from us. Our range gives you more than 2 million alternative combinations, so you can build everything from a small bedside table to the big dream kitchen.

This is a sideboard that we build on the Ikea Bestå cabinet frame. Here is a list of the products needed in order to create this sideboard:

From Ikea:

1 Ikea Bestå TV bench. 180x40x64. (Width x Depth x Height)

From Superfront:

3 Front 60x64 / Pattern Blocks / Colour Aerugo Green

2 Side 64x40 / Colour Aerugo Green

1 Top 180x40 for two sides / Colour Aerugo Green

3 Handles Reflection / Brass

1 Leg Plinth 180 / Colour Bottle Green

NOTE. Hinges are included for all sideboard fronts and wardrobe fronts, i.e fronts for the Bestå and Pax cabinet frames. For the other fronts, you buy hinges on Ikea.

The sides, tops and handles include everything you need to mount these. However, tools that may sometimes be required are not included, such as screwdriver.

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