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NEWS: furniture details in dark stained oak.

Smoked Oak Collection

With the handles, legs and tops in our Smoked Oak collection, your furniture will get a timeless and sober expression.

With our legs, handles and tops in Smoked Oak, you can create a new type of Superfront furniture. Natural materials such as oak - with veins that have grown for decades - add an exclusive warmth and timelessness to your furniture. To accentuate the beautiful veins and create a natural lustre in the wood, we have matte lacquered all Smoked Oak products. Something that also gives them a durable surface.

Maybe you already have a wooden shelf, chair or lamp base in your room? By adding wooden details to your Superfront furniture, you can tie together your furniture visually with other furnishings in the room. It will make the room feel well thought out and harmonious.

Our products in Smoked Oak work well both in contrast to our lighter front colours and to the really dark ones. Along with lighter colours such as Ashton Grey or Aerugo Green, the expression on your furniture will be Scandinavian. If you instead combine Smoked Oak with darker colours like Thunder Grey and Infinity Blue, your furniture will have a more international character and breathe low-key elegance.

Smoked Oak Collection

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