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Long Mini Circus
Long Circus.

The handles match our existing round Circus handles, but are longer and more grip-friendly. Therefore, Long Circus and Long Mini Circus fit extra well on fridges and freezers, wardrobes – as well as on wider fronts that can be found on dressers and bathroom vanities. Since the new, longer handles have a width that corresponds to the diameters of the round handles, they harmonize very well together, even though they differ in shape.

Long Circus and Long Mini Circus come in brass, copper, aluminium and a matte black finish. And as usual, we work with genuine, solid materials that age beautifully!

As mentioned, the handles work very well in combination with our round Circus handles, for example in a kitchen. You can choose to put Long Circus solely on the larger, heavier fronts like fridge and freezer and then have Circus on the smaller fronts. But you can also put our new handles on all fronts for an eye-catching look where the handles are allowed to draw more attention – in a luxurious restaurant kind of way. Or why not put them on a chest of drawers or a wardrobe for an updated Art Deco look? The rounded shape and the extravagant, mirror-like surface will give your furniture that exclusive feel that was so typical of the time.

Long Circus and Long Mini Circus have the standard dimension 128 mm between the center of the screw holes.

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