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Here you find a fraction of all the wardrobes that you can create with our products. You can also be inspired at and

Fronts MARAIS Infinity Blue. Handles WIRE Steel.
7679 KR / Cabinet frame from Ikea is not included.

Fronts HARLEQUIN Bottle Green. Handles TRUNK Cocoa / Copper.
7064 KR / Cabinet frame from Ikea is not included.

Handles HOLY WAFER Brass
115 KR

Handles HOLY WAFER Brass
8214 KR / Cabinet frames from Ikea is not included.

The Superfront wardrobe doors are 4 cm longer than the doors from Ikea. This gives a more elegant and more holistic impression and also makes the doors more hidden from the base of the body. There are still 2 cm down to the floor to open the doors even when there is a carpet in front.

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Fronts BIG FISH Grannie Pink & Pale Lilac. Handles CIRCUS Brass.
3994 KR / Cabinet frame from Ikea is not included.


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