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Patterns are available for all formats with the exception of the 10 cm high drawer fronts. Another exception, however, is the pattern Parallels that is available even in this format. The pattern on this format is, however, a little bit different than the pattern on the formats. The 10 cm high fronts contain only vertical lines, while the other formats have vertical lines on the top half of the front and horizontal lines on the bottom half.

Here you can build furniture with widths of 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, 180, 240, 280 and 320 cm.
We do not advise that you have more than two frames underneath one top. This is because the frames may differ a tiny bit in widths, so if you are unlucky and get several frames that are smaller than specified - the top may be too long. This has yet to have happened to any of our customers, but there is still a theoretical risk of it happening.

Ikea’s Metod frames are available in a great number of heights that can be stacked on top of each other in order to create the desired height of your furniture. If you for example would like a storage unit that is 140 cm high, you should stack a 60 cm high and a 80 cm high frame on top of each other and then mount a 140 cm side onto these.
Our sides for Metod frames are available in the heights 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm. You could also stack the sides on top of each other if you would want a storage unit in a different height.
You will then have a little joint between the sides, but if you place the joint cohesively with a front joint, this will not be as noticeable.

Ikea’s Metod frames that you can use to create your storage units come in widths of 40, 60 and 80 cm. For these, we have tops in widths of 40, 60, 80, 120 and 160 cm. Several frames can be mounted together in order to create a wider piece of furniture

If for example, you were to create a storage unit that is 320 cm wide, you would use four 80 cm wide frames and two tops called 160x39 for one side.

The “No sides”-top is used if the top is going to be placed in the middle of three or more tops on a longer piece of furniture.

The “One side”-top is used for a piece of furniture that is so wide that it will need two tops. For example if you connect four 80 cm wide Bestå frames to become a 320 cm wide sideboard. The “One side”-top have the width to cover both the frames from Ikea and one of the sides from us that you mount onto the frame.

The “Two sides”-tops are used for a piece of furniture that will only require one top. The “Two sides”-top have the width to cover both the frame from Ikea and both of the sides from us that you mount onto the frame.

Below is a list of what top your storage unit should have:

Width of the storage unit

Name of the top


40x39 for two sides


60x39 for two sides


80x39 for two sides


120x39 for two sides


160x39 for two sides


2pcs. 120x39 for one side


2pcs. 160x39 for one side

It's the wall cabinet or high cabinet frames that you should buy at Ikea. These are constructed with a top, unlike the bench cabinets that only have metal bands on top.

Always build your Superfront-sideboard on as few frames as possible. The fewer the frames, the more stable the piece of furniture. If for example you are building a sideboard that is 120 cm wide you should use two 60 cm wide frames, not three 40 cm wide ones.

Hinges for fronts that fit the Metod frame are purchased at Ikea. The hinges are called Utrusta and are available with different opening angles depending on the interior you want in your storage furniture.

If you just want shelves in your frame, we recommend the hinges with a 110 degree opening angle. However, if you want to place a drawer behind the door front, you need to buy the hinges that have 153 degrees.

Screws suitable for fronts that are 16 mm wide is always included with our handles. If you are using your Superfront handles on doors or drawer fronts that are thicker or thinner than this, you will most likely need to buy new screws. It should be an ordinary M4 screw that can be found in practically any hardware store in varying lengths.

Wall attached sideboard: If you build your sideboard out of two or more frames it is important that you also place legs in the joint between the frames. That means that you will need one leg in each corner of the frame as well as two legs in the joint between two frames.

Wall hung sideboard: If you hang your sideboard on a wall, your legs will not be of any bearing purpose, but will be only for aesthetics. In these cases you can choose as many or as few legs as you like.

Make sure to mount the mountplate at the right place in accordance with the mounting instructions that come with your legs. In other words, so that the frames side piece rests on the mountingplate too, not just the bottom piece.

Keep in mind that you have to attach your sideboard to a wall no matter how low or how stable it may be. Please, make sure to do this! If you open all the fronts the center of gravity of the cabinet drastically changes, and then it will be enough even for a small child to hang from one of the doors for it to fall forward.

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