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Design magazine Nya Rum writes about Superfront’s new office

Interview by: Kajsa Bengtson Bok / Nov. 2018

Superfront cracks the door

– It is the opportunity to choose for the moment that makes the best foundation for creativity. And good inspirational material, states Monica Born when we discuss creative environments. She could just as well be talking about her own company Superfront, which she runs with her husband Mick Born.

Together they design fronts, handles and legs for Ikea's most common cabinet frames, and offer the customer the chance to create their personal dream kitchen or their unique TV bench. The fact that their new office, called Creative Space, is a place where creativity is given high priority is not surprising when listening to the couple's thoughts and visions.

– The brain wants to be used and if we provide it with good tools, it will pour on. But no interior design in the world can generate creativity unless the company in question has creativity as an important part of its business model, says Monica.

In search of office space, she and Mick discovered that they did not actually have to move at all; next to their showroom in Tegnérgatan in Stockholm, there was a vacant property of 250 square meters. Perfect for a growing company with grand plans. When the premises were purchased, brainstorming was on the schedule, and the big question was: "How do you furnish for creativity?"

In terms of expression, they wanted to create a calm and harmonious environment that provides space for innovation, rather than inspiring in any particular direction. A stripped back environment to work in, that does not counteract other design expressions or colours that they work with in Superfront's collections. In addition to the open office part, Monica and Mick wanted to create a meeting room. Today, in the large room, a dozen people can be accommodated - ultimate for meetings with architectural offices and for workshops.

They also managed to create two smaller rooms - one of which goes under the name of the Studio. The Studio is Superfront’s most creative room where sketches and prototypes dress the walls and floors. Here, interesting materials and all kinds of inspiration are gathered. No wonder that this room is also the office’s hands down messiest.

– Some people want colours, patterns and new materials everywhere to get energy. But if you work with design, we believe there is a need for a calmer base that allows you to see the new design that is created. Being able to escape to let the brain think freely without disturbing sounds is fundamental to creativity, while the exchange between different disciplines over the desks also bring great dynamics and ideas, says Monica.

In terms of material, they settled on concrete and Superfront's own matte-lacquered MDF. Timeless materials that you won’t get tired of. To the grey and cardboard-coloured, the duo added black and chrome details.

– The MDF gives a warm contrast to the concrete floor and is just pretty darn neat. We were so inspired by Imi Knoebel's artwork Raum 19 at the art museum Dia:Beacon, north of New York. And we realized that we could actually achieve this stylish colour combo with our own furniture. It is also fun to be able to show what the raw MDF we use for all our varnished products actually looks like. One can say that Naked is the architects’ favourite, says Monica. And who does not want to live like an architect?

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