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Questions & answers
about bathrooms

We have chosen to build our bathroom range around the Ikea wall cabinet frame from the Metod series.

Metod offers a range of sizes to work from, which means we can offer more vanities based on Metod rather than Godmorgon. Another reason is that Ikea's Godmorgon range cannot be purchased without a drawer/front. For those of our customers who plan to invest in completely new bathroom furniture, this would imply an indirect request to discard a new door, and that's just not sustainable.

Our fronts are adapted to suit Ikea's Metod base cabinets. Although our front dimensions may seem consistent with other cabinets than Ikea's, we cannot guarantee that they will fit.

Our vanities are available in 40, 60, 80 and 120 cm widths and all have a depth of 40 cm. The total height from the floor to the top is always 79 cm. The total height, including our wash basin placed above the top, is 91 cm if you measure up to the wash basin’s edge. The height of the base cabinet is either 40 or 60 cm depending on your storage needs. Match 37 cm high legs with a 40 cm high base cabinet or 17 cm high legs with a 60 cm base cabinet. Tops are 2 cm high.

The height including the top on our vanities is always 79 cm. The total height, including our wash basin placed on the top, is 91 cm if you measure up to the wash basin’s edge.

From Superfront you can purchase: fronts, sides, top, wash basin, mixer taps, handles and legs. From Ikea, you need to purchase your Metod base cabinet with any drawers you might want or if you want doors on your vanity instead you will need to purchase hinges, dampeners and any shelves you might want. We also recommend that all our bathroom customers buy the suspension rail for Metod wall cabinets at Ikea because it offers a more secure and better installation of the bathroom vanity.

You are going to need to supplement with pipe connections, which your licensed plumber needs to help you with in order for the warranty on your bathroom vanity to apply. For your knowledge, a connector for the mixer tap, a water trap and a strainer is included in your purchase from us.

Yes, you purchase all Ikea products at Ikea, either in one of their stores or via their web shop.

No, all Ikea products have to be purchased from Ikea. You can purchase these in one of their stores or through their webshop.

No we can not. But you can build a wider vanity than 120 cm if you special order a stone top from a stone supplier. The other products you can order from us.

Yes. Since our bathroom range is based on Ikea Metod wall cabinets, adaptations for wash basins need to be made. But you can rest easy - installation and drilling descriptions are included with the wash basin. Please note! For the warranty on your bathroom vanity to apply it is important that you follow our mounting instructions.

The distance between the wall and the drawer, if you chose to have a drawer in your bathroom vanity that is, is 55 mm.

Currently, Ikea recommends Metod cabinets for kitchens and laundry rooms. However, we can tell you that Metod cabinets are made of exactly the same kind of material as the majority of bathroom cabinets on the market. Our sides for bathroom vanities are made in a more humidity resistant MDF than our other sides, something we do to make our vanities more durable than most bathroom vanities on the market. Yet, all bathroom vanities should be placed a sufficient distance from both the shower and bath to prevent water from splashing onto the furniture. If this happens, wipe dry immediately with a clean, dry cloth. If you follow our simple care instructions for your vanity as well as the directives we set for installation, your vanity will have exactly the same standard as the majority of bathroom vanities on the market.

The delivery time for mixer taps and wash basins depends on where in the world you live. Stock items such as mixer taps, sinks, handles, legs and colour samples will be sent within 1-2 business days from Sweden.

They are 16 mm thick.

Our bathroom fronts can withstand the humidity found in a bathroom with approved humidity levels. The fronts have the same durable coating as the other fronts in our assortment. In order to achieve an approved humidity level an automatic ventilation system is required. Our warranty for bathroom furniture does not cover furniture that has been placed in a room with only natural ventilation or reliance on airing through an open window.

Our bathroom vanities hold current bathroom standards. However, no bathroom furniture should be exposed to direct contact with water. Immediately wipe away any water that may have gotten on your bathroom furniture with a dry cloth. Also be sure to always place any shower or bath so that splashes from these cannot end up on the bathroom furniture. This is to avoid moisture penetration, for example, in any joints. When cleaning your bathroom furniture, we recommend a damp cloth and a mild detergent, such as dish washing liquid or soap. Wipe dry with a dry cloth. It is also very important that you have a proper ventilation fan that regulates the humidity in your bathroom so it is kept at an acceptable level. Excessive humidity can also expose your bathroom furniture to stresses that do not fall within our recommendations.

Yes, you can. The compact water trap that comes along with our wash basins takes up less room than the traditional ones do and also give you more storage space in the vanity than a standard water trap would.

We use a matte, water-based lacquer that we apply in three layers. The lacquer has gloss value 20.

We call the colour Naked because the fiberboard is allowed to appear just as it is. All we do is paint it with a durable, matte, clear-coat. Our sides for bathrooms are made of an extra moisture-proof fiberboard that is very resistant to moisture. Since it has a greenish colour, it does not match our other Naked products, which are brown. Therefore, we have chosen to completely exclude Naked from our bathroom range.

Our sides for bathroom vanities are made in a different material more suited for humid environments. You cannot select the somewhat cheaper sides under the Kitchen or Sideboard tabs for your bathroom vanity because the warranty for your bathroom vanity will then not apply. Wipe any dampness or water off your vanity unit immediately using a dry cloth.

You can choose between Carrara marble and Portuguese limestone in widths: 40, 60, 80 or 120cm.

The stone tops for bathroom vanities are sanded matte.

No, we have specific dimensions that fit our bathroom furniture. The widths available are 40, 60, 80 or 120cm. The depth is always 40cm

Marble and limestone are living materials with pores that can absorb things such as fat, acid, polishes, wine, etc. Because a stone top on a bathroom vanity is exposed to more wear than, for example, a sideboard with stone top, a bottle of NANO impregnation is always included when you order a stone top for a bathroom vanity from us. The impregnation is not visible but makes the stone more resistant to grime and liquid. It does not guarantee complete protection against stains. The impregnation has hardly any scent, which is why it is also suitable for areas that are already in use. For regular cleaning of your stone top use mild soapy water then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

They tolerate humidity very well.

Our chrome handles require no maintenance. Our metal handles in brass and copper are untreated, which means that they will develop a beautiful patina with time. If you prefer your handles to stay shiny, you can polish them with a metal polish that is meant for brass and copper. Just be careful so that the metal polish does not get in contact with any sensitive materials close by, such as for example a stone floor. If you do not treat your leather handles, they will develop patina and may therefor have a change in colour. This mainly applies to the lighter leather handles. Leather handles can be ingrained if desired and will then gain a darker colour from doing so. The wooden handles are lacquered and therefore require no maintenance.

No they are not. In order for you to be able to use what ever type of handle you want on your front, they all come without pre-drilled holes. The shape and size of the handles you choose are what determines where on the front they will look best. To help you figure out where your particular handle is best placed, we include a recommendation with the assembly instructions. You will therefore need to drill the hole for the handle yourself.

Superfront tip! Place a piece of wood on the back of your front when you drill the hole for your handle. Then, the drill has something to drill into when it passes through the front and you thereby avoid the “rough bits" that otherwise can form on the back side of the front.

No, we do not recommend that you use push-open on drawers because these already have a self closing mechanism that causes the push-open-mechanism to not function optimally.

For aesthetic reasons, we always recommend four legs. We think that looks the nicest. However if your floor has a lot of inclination, it might be best to only have legs in the front corners of the cabinet as it might not look very nice if you are forced to unscrew the adjustable feet a lot.

For bathrooms, we only recommend our metal legs and Captains legs with a metal foot. These legs withstand humidity well but should not be standing in water. Just as the bathroom vanities front and sides, the legs should be wiped dry if they are in direct contact with water.

SuperSink 37 cm in copper/brass is about 37 cm (+/- 3 mm). Alape 32 cm is about 32.5 cm (+/- 3 mm). Alape 37 cm is about 37.5 cm (+/- 3 mm).

If you want the wash basin to develop a patina, we recommend leaving it alone and not cleaning it with any strong detergents. In this way, the material ages and becomes very beautiful. If you want the wash basin to retain its shine, you can use brass or copper polish. Be very careful that the polish does not end up on the stone top. If polish drips onto the stone top, wipe it away and wipe clean immediately. These types of cleaning polish can cause stains on stone.

Yes, there is, as long as you use our compact water trap that is included in your purchase of the wash basin.

You can choose any round wash basin as long as the diameter does not exceed 38 cm. This depends on the placement of the drilled hole for our mixer taps. In terms of square wash basins, the necessary measurement is 38 cm on the diagonal, but we would not recommend it because this very small wash basin increases the risk of water splashing outside. In this case, we recommend that you seek the help of a local stone slab supplier and custom order a stone top with the holes required for a bigger square wash basin.

All stone tops for bathroom vanities are pre-drilled for basins and mixer taps. This 120 cm top has the pre-drilled holes for the basin and the mixer tap centered on the right half of the stone. If you want two wash basins on this vanity, you must drill your own holes for wash basins and mixer taps on the left side of the stone top.

We sell one grip mixer taps from Swedish Tapwell and Nivito.
Our Tapwell mixer tap comes in chrome, copper, polished brass and raw brass depending on the model you choose.
Our Nivito mixer tap is available in steel with black or white matte lacquer finish.

For all countries in Europe except Norway and Finland:
Tapwell Renstiernas gata 31
SE-116 31 Stockholm Sweden
T +46 8 652 38 00
F +46 8 651 38 01
[email protected]

Customers in Norway:
Tapwell AS
Rolf Wickströms vei 15 0484 Oslo Norway
T +47 23 05 14 30
F +47 23 05 14 31
[email protected]

Customers in Finland:
Tapwell Oy
Metallimiehenkatu 2-4 04410 Järvenpää Finland
T +358 9 42 41 59 00
F +358 9 42 41 59 09
[email protected]


Nivito AB
Stensätravägen 3B, 12739, STOCKHOLM Sweden
T +46 8,400,254 30
[email protected]

Yes, all bathroom vanities must be attached to a wall using the brackets supplied with Ikea's Metod base cabinet. We also recommend that you supplement with Ikea's suspension rail for Metod as it makes a successful installation easier. Even attaching the furniture to the wall will be easier this way as the track gives you more possible attachment points than if you just use the fittings.

Ikea's Metod base cabinets are supplied with brackets and plastic spacers. For these you need to purchase screws and plugs suited for the wall that your bathroom vanity will be attached to.

For the warranty on your bathroom vanity to apply, we recommend that you take the help of an authorized service provider that performs a so-called "Safe Water Installation"

With our specially developed Mountpads and screws that are included in your purchase.

Yes. Since our bathroom series is based on Ikea Metod wall cabinets, adaptations for wash basins need to be made. But you can rest easy - installation and drilling descriptions are included with the wash basin.

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