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About us

With Superfront we want to give you the possibility to create high quality furniture and interiors at a sensible price. For everyone with an eye for aesthetics know; That what is beautiful does not always have to be expensive.

To create such furniture, we have tailored our fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops to fit Ikea’s most common cabinet frames. Frames used by just about every interior designer today. People hire craftsmen to build exclusive site built interiors based on Ikea's cabinets. And then there is a lot of us who want to do it all ourselves. In short, we design furniture around a well-established foundation - a concept that puts our furniture into a completely different price category than any equivalent found on the High Street.

Think Superfront if you are going to build or renovate a kitchen. Or if you want to give your old wardrobe wall a new dress. Perhaps you would like to transform a Bestå cabinet and see what a different colour, a pair of good looking legs, a beautiful pattern, and a stone top can do? Then we can help.

Practically all our products are made in Sweden and we have chosen to climate compensate for our deliveries. So building a Superfront piece of furniture is good against nature and calls for reuse. It’s a smarter, more modern and kinder way to decorate.

Our assortment is designed with care to last over time, both in colours and patterns - but also when it comes to materials. If others talk about which design is right for the day, we'd rather talk about what will also feel modern tomorrow and in ten years.

You will find that Superfront gives you plenty of variety options and - not least - how fun it is to create your very own furniture. Good luck and have a super day!

About our products

All fronts are made of high quality 16 mm MDF board.

High quality hinges with integrated dampening are included with our fronts for Ikeas Pax and Bestå cabinets. A simple clip and expansion function makes them easy to attach without tools. The hinge mounting plates can be screwed onto your Ikea cabinet with a standard Pozidrive screwdriver. No hinges are included with Ikeas Metod and Faktum cabinets. Instead, you buy these from Ikea. The type of hinges you will need depends on what interior you choose for your cabinet.

You can choose to have a pattern on most of our fronts. The exceptions are our fronts for Ikea's Faktum kitchen cabinets and the low, 10 cm high, drawer fronts for the Metod kitchen cabinets. Because the front formats are unique to each of Ikeas cabinet ranges, we have adapted our patterns in different ways for them. This means that a pattern can have a different size or slightly different look depending on which of the Bestå, Pax or Metod cabinet ranges the front is designed for.

If you want to know what a pattern will look like on a particular front format, please don't hesitate to email us at

Our stone tops for Ikea's Bestå cabinets are made of italian carrara marble and portuguese limestone. The Balls handles in stone are made of carrara and chinese green marble.

All wooden details in our legs and handles are made from solid birch and they are made in Sweden.

These are classic materials that will develop a beautiful patina and age with dignity. For this reason, we have left our brass and copper details untreated.

The leather in our handles comes from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö that has been in the business since 1857. They use vegetable tanning to produce their leather. It is an ecological process with the added benefit of making the leather age beautifully.

This small, yet big, invention of ours is a universal mounting plate that makes it possible for you to fit your Superfront legs anywhere you like. Even on cabinets from other manufacturers than Ikea.

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