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Kitchen doors for those who like oak, maple and elm wood

If you are into sophisticated medium-dark wooden kitchens in materials such as oak, maple and elm wood, you will like our wood shade Biscotti Wood. Biscotti Wood is very similar to these types of wood, but is instead made of ash wood which we have stained to achieve the desired shade. The reason why we chose ash wood for our wooden doors is the fact that ash wood is highly resistant to UV light. This means that your kitchen will retain its elegant colour tone over time – something that is not always the case with other types of wood that tend to turn darker and yellower. Besides that, ash wood has an incredibly beautiful grain!

Create a timeless kitchen
with a tone of oak

It is understandable that the oak kitchen has become a classic. Oak is a wood tone that is easy to combine with other interior elements without becoming too dominant. It adds a sense of calmness and clarity to the room – something that also applies to our shade Biscotti Wood in veneered wood. That we have chosen to use wood veneer on our wooden doors instead of making them in solid wood is another thing that will make your kitchen last longer as solid wooden doors tend to become warped.

Design your Biscotti kitchen with oak inspiration

We offer kitchen doors for Metod and kitchen doors for Faktum. If you already have an Ikea kitchen built on the Metod frame and the doors have become worn, you can keep the frame and only replace the kitchen doors with our doors in wood veneer. In this way, you save both time and money – but most importantly, you can reuse the kitchen frames you already have and avoid consuming a lot of new material unnecessarily. Of course, you can also build a kitchen from scratch if you need to. Either way, our kitchen doors will fit your Metod frame perfectly because they have pre-drilled holes for hinges and drawers and are therefore easy to install. To complete your Superfront kitchen, you can add our kitchen plinths, legs for kitchen cabinets and kitchen handles. With our large selection of kitchen details, you can really add your personal touch to your Biscotti kitchen. The light, soft shade of Biscotti is reminiscent of oak but with a less reddish hue – something that makes the doors elegant and easy to combine with other types of wood. In order for you to see how the end result will be with our design in your kitchen, you can take a look at our kitchen inspiration.

How to change to kitchen
doors in oak design

If you have an Ikea kitchen where the outside may have become worn, you can choose to only reface it with new kitchen cabinet doors to make your kitchen feel like new again. It is both time-saving and financially smart – and you get a personal kitchen. However, the best thing about reusing the Ikea frame is that you do not have to consume a lot of material unnecessarily – and decorating your home with a circular approach has never felt more relevant, has it?

We help you to find the right kitchen doors

Sometimes, getting started with your new kitchen feels difficult. We are here if you want help, with everything from practical concerns to pure aesthetics. For example, you can let our experienced kitchen designers guide you all the way from your Ikea sketch to a complete Superfront kitchen, where everything from consultation and a design sketch, to a quote with associated product specification, is included. If you are in Stockholm, you are always welcome to our store where we can show you examples of kitchens and answer your questions. And if you feel like you can manage on your own, you can of course order your kitchen online as well. You will find all our products on our website and as with all the ways of ordering, we recommend that you order colour and wood samples from us first to be able to see our colours in the right environment and lighting.

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